They Came Together (David Wain, 2014) 1/4

They Came Together is a spoof of every rom-com you’ve ever seen, with a quirky meet-cute, (they both turn up to a fancy dress party dressed as Abraham Lincoln), and clashing values, (he’s a corporate sell-out but with a heart and she’s the kooky ‘little shop around the corner’ competition) and of course despite all this they, Joel (Paul Rudd) and Molly (Amy Poehler), somehow fall in love.


You find yourself playing spot the spoof, naming each disemboweled, mocked and belittled Rom-Com du jour in each scene and this can be funny- until it isn’t. The laughs are pretty few and far between and at this point the walls start to close in and you just want it to end. The problem with this too-clever-for-its-own-good parody of romantic comedy is that it simply isn’t that funny. It labours and drags and ultimately is a series of vignettes and sketches that are tired, tried and would be better placed on Saturday Night Live rather than in an 83 minute long feature film.


If you’re a lover of GOOD Romantic Comedy there’s a danger you may feel condescended to or worse just bored.  A good skit of Harry Met Sally will make you laugh once but by the third, you’re done laughing.




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